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How to Import Shisha Charcoal from Indonesia?

Sample of Shisha Charcoal
(Sample of Shisha Charcoal in Cube size)

First of all, you should know that most of the shisha charcoal around the world is imported from Indonesia. Why? There are many reasons to answer this question. One of them is, Indonesia is a country with the largest coconut plantation in the world. Coconut trees can grow in Indonesia because of the country’s tropical weather and climate. The locals in Indonesia like to drink coconut water and therefore a lot of coconut shells are wasted in the end. With that, this large amount of coconut shell waste is processed by charcoal factories to be formed into charcoal briquettes that have better quality than wood charcoals. Therefore, charcoal briquettes made from coconut shells waste are a good product to save the world from the massive tree logging in this era.

Then, how to import shisha charcoal from Indonesia to your country? First, you need to know what kind of shisha charcoal products are of good quality. For information, good quality shisha charcoal will have a small ash content and also have white ash in color. If you already know the quality that you want to buy, then contact the coconut charcoal factories in Indonesia, including “Glowing Charcoal Indonesia“. PT Bara Coco Agronesia, also known as Glowing Charcoal Indonesia, is one of the leading suppliers and OEM manufacturers of Shisha charcoal private label companies all around the world. We have been exporting our products since 2018 to more than 15 countries all around the world including Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, the United States, UAE, etc. You can contact our team by clicking through this link (LINK).

shisha charcoal briquette
(shisha charcoal briquette)

In the second stage, please ask for a product catalog from the factory that you have chosen. In the product catalog provided, you will be able to see the specifications of the charcoal offered by the factory, both in terms of shape, size, and also the content of the composition contained in the shisha charcoal produced by the factory. You can view and download our factory’s product catalog by clicking the following link.

Next, for the third stage, you will need to choose the quality, shape, and size of the shisha charcoal that has been offered in the product catalog list. Then ask for a quotation for the specifications you have chosen from the owner of the shisha charcoal factory. For your information, the price range of shisha charcoal is between $1,150/MT FOB starting from the lowest quality, up to $1,450/MT FOB for the highest quality. If you find offers above this price range, it can be said that you are dealing with a middle-man or trader instead of a first-hand factory owner like us.

In the fourth stage, you need to see the shisha charcoal products from the factory itself. You can come to Indonesia to visit the factory directly, or you can ask your shisha charcoal supplier to send samples to your country. So that you don’t have to waste time and money flying to Indonesia just to see the products from that factory. Glowing Charcoal Indonesia can provide free samples of up to 1-2 kilograms for the shisha charcoal sample products, and you just need to pay the shipping cost fee to your country. We are using DHL and UPS services for the delivery of this shisha charcoal sample. The cost for the sample delivery in 2022, is between USD 70 to USD 150 per kilogram depending on your location.

Shisha charcoal delivery
(20’ft Container Illustration)

Additionally, shisha charcoal or coconut charcoal briquette is listed as a “DG” or Dangerous Goods product on various world shipping lines. Purchases cannot be made in small quantities because the shipping refuses to put them in containers with other products other than charcoal products. Therefore, for your information, the smallest quantity you can import or buy from the factory is 18 MT (Metric Tonnes) or equivalent to a 20’ft Full Container Load.

Shisha Masterbox packaging
(Example of Shisha Charcoal packaging)

In the fifth stage, discuss the packaging of your shisha charcoal product with the charcoal briquette factory. Usually, you will be given an offer with  “Full Packaging”. This is consist of Inner plastic, an Inner box, and a Master box. For the Inner box itself, there are also various specifications, such as Glossy printing or Doff. Additionally, for the Master Box packaging, you will also need to choose between Single Wall or Double box cartons.

In the sixth stage, ask for a sales contract agreement regarding your purchase with the factory. Ask about the estimated time for the production of your shisha charcoal along with the length of time it will be delivered to your destination country. For the price given, make sure it includes the ocean freight cost and also your shisha charcoal shipping insurance.

The seventh stage is to make a payment to the factory for the purchase of the shisha charcoal that you will be importing. Usually, payments are made using Telegraphic Transfer (T/T). The factory will usually also provide payment terms to you along with the down payment that you must pay at the beginning of the purchase after signing your purchase contract to start the production. Please make sure that you made the payment to a company’s bank account instead of individual accounts.

Hopefully, the above information can help you to import shisha charcoal for your brand from Indonesia to your country.

If you are interested in our shisha charcoal products, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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