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How can you get your brand & label on coconut shell charcoal for shisha & hookah


As a charcoal factory – we meet many clients. Most of them are asking for making charcoal under their own brand names. Our basic manufacturing policy is making charcoal under the client’s brand. We do OEM, private label charcoal.

The first step to ordering charcoal under your name is to check if this brand is a registered trademark or not. For example, if you want your charcoal name to be Coco Urth or Nara or Tomcoco – it is all registered brand names.

YES, you can have your own brand on coconut charcoal we manufacture under your brand (OEM, Private Label)

To make under those names you have to prove to us that you are owner and sign related documents. If your brand name is not under registered trade mark – we can do it right away.

The second step is to send us your design in the format of .pdf or .ai. We will bring it to the box manufacture to make a sample design and adjust the size of the boxes.

The third step is to find and agree on the specification of the actual product. What is the ash content and ash color, what is the max moisture level and burning time? All this we have to discuss and agree.

The fourth step is the actual production of coconut shell charcoal and printing your branded packaging.

Besides doing branded packaging we can add stickers on the inner plastic. Do the printing of your brand on the inner plastic. Do the full-color printing on the master box.