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Our Coconut Charcoal Briquette For Shisha / Hookah is made from the highest quality material from Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Java regions, to ensure the quality of Shisha or Hookah experienced
The higher the fixed carbon content that the briquette has, the higher the heat of each piece produced and the longer the briquette burn with less ash produced during the burning. Moreover, Our briquette is solid and durable thanks to the high-pressure press machine that we use in production and supported by professional quality control to stick with Our quality standards.
Additionally, Our Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette is uniformly and precisely shaped and can be made in various shapes and sizes. However, we understand that every market is different and every business is unique. Hence, if you have custom specification requests in terms of shape, size, mixture, packaging, etc, please Contact Us to discuss more details


Our Coconut Briquette Charcoal is perfect for Shisha/Hookah use due to its high fixed carbon, less ash content, longer burning time, and low volatile matter content in the briquettes. While you use the briquette there will be no smoke or odor, and Our briquettes have a pure white or grey ash color.
Our Premium Shisha Briquette has a minimum burn time of 1.5 hours and a maximum of 2.5 hours on a smoking session, with high durability. Our briquette does not crack easily or break even after multiple drops.
Choice of Shapes that can be requested:
  • Cube
  • Flat
  • Finger Hexagonal
  • Finger Cylinder
  • Kaloud (available in 3 or 4 pieces cut)
  • Half Finger (Dome)


  • Inner plastic + inner box + master box cartons
  • Inner plastic + master box cartons (No Inner Box)
Container Capacity:
– 20’ft Container size will fit up to 18 Tons
– 40’ft Container size will fit up to 25 Tons

Product Specification for Shisha/Hookah Charcoal Briquettes

As one of the leading coconut charcoal briquette supplier for Shisha/Hookah, We produce the following quality:


  • Ash Content: 1.6 - 2 %
  • Moisture: < 6 %
  • Volatile matter: < 14 %
  • Fixed Carbon: ± 80 - 82 %
  • Ash Colour: Natural White
  • Burning Time: ± 2 - 2.5 Hours
  • No Smoke, No Odor, No Sparks


  • Ash Content: 2 - 2.5 %
  • Moisture: < 6 %
  • Volatile Matter: < 14 %
  • Fixed Carbon: ± 80 %
  • Ash Colour: Natural White
  • Burning Time: ± 2 Hours
  • No Smoke, No Odor, No Sparks


  • Ash Content: 2.5 - 2.8 %
  • Moisture: < 6 %
  • Volatile Matter: < 15 %
  • Fixed Carbon: ± 75 %
  • Ash Colour: Natural White
  • Burning Time: ± 1.5 - 2 Hours
  • No Smoke, No Odor, No Sparks